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My friends was very strange the last days so I wanted to know what was going on! I decided to hack their Facebook accounts to see their conversations and find out the truth! But I couldn't hack their accounts without a good program to do it! After a long time looking on the web for a reliable free Facebook Hacking Software, I found the Facebook Hacker Pro! I really love this software! Thanks!

Dominick B. Tatro, Denver, CO

This free Facebook hacking tool is the best! I can get into anyone's Facebook profile and speak with his friends for fun! Thank you Facebook Hacker Pro!

Michelle M. Aldana, Beaumont, TX

Losing your Facebook account password is very bad! You can't chat with your friends when you are at home and you can't entertain yourself by watching on pictures or your friends' status! Now with the Facebook Hacker Pro I don't worry about losing my password because I can get it back within 1 minute! Thank you for the safety Facebook Hacker Pro!

Benjamin M. Brown, Greens Creek Mine, AK

I had some suspicions that my boyfriend keeps dating another girl instead of me! So I wanted to get into his Facebook profile! I was searching on the internet for a free Facebook Hacking Software when I suddenly found "Facebook Hacker Pro"! It is the best free Facebook hacking tool! It's very fast and reliable! I got into my boyfriend's account and I confirmed my suspicions! He was cheating on me so I divorced him! Now I am better than ever because of the Facebook Hacker Pro! Thanks you!

Jenine J. Blessing, Seattle, WA

I have noticed that my kids are spending a lot of time on front of the computer's screen so I decides to get into their Facebook account by using a free Facebook cracking application to see what are they really doing! So a friend of mine sent me the link of this site! I downloaded the Facebook Hacker Pro without a second thought and I got into my kids' Facebook accounts! I saw all their conversations and now I am sure about their safety! Thanks you very much Facebook Hacker Pro!


Facebook Hacker Pro is the best hacking software ever! I laugh for hours at my friends that their accounts had been hacked by me! I like trolling the other guys by using your amazing program! Thank you very muck Facebook Hacker Pro!

Raymond I. Carey, BELL END

AMAZING SOFTWARE! I am very jolly that I have found your free Facebook Hacking Tool! I like to be sure that if I ever will forget my Facebook password I will get it back again using your incredible Facebook Hacker Pro!

Thomas J. Lopez, BOGBRAE

My Facebook account has been hacked! I have done almost everything to get my password back again but nothing happened! I was wondering if I could find a free Facebook Hacking Application to hack my Facebook and get my password back! So by looking on the internet for a program I found this unbelievable site and your amazing Facebook Hacker Pro! Now I have my account back and I am very happy! Thank you Facebook Hacker Pro!

James M. Hively, HOLLYWOOD


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Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
1 GHz or faster CPU
128 MB or greater
800x600 screen resolution

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