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Help - Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Hacker Pro

In this page you will file compiled a small list of the most common problems encountered by users of our software.

All of the question that often arise in the minds of most our users who have downloaded Facebook Hacker Pro to hack Facebook can be answered by reading our short hacking Facebook tutorial or by watching or mini video demonstration on our how Facebook hacking works page.

1) During the installation of execution of the software a crash error appears.

The most likely cause of this error is that your computer is missing .Net Framework which can be downloaded from Microsoft here. Once installed,re-download our software from this website and re-try the installation process.

2) Software non responsive when directed to retrieve a specific password.

Check if all fields are properly filled out and double check if the username selected is valid.

3) DLL not found error during execution.

Re-download and re-install the software.

4) This file-type is not supported.

This software is currently only available on Windows,the above error message will only appear if you are running on a MAC OS system.

Our software is very easy to install and and find Facebook passwords with,facing any issues apart from the above is highly unlikely,in the event that you do,please contact us for support and to report the issue for debugging purposes.

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System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
1 GHz or faster CPU
128 MB or greater
800x600 screen resolution

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