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Who said hacking a Facebook password is hard? Now with Facebook Hacker Pro, our free Facebook hacking tool, Facebook password hacking is easier than ever, all thanks to it's easy to use and learn interface that will guide you through the entire Facebook hacking process. Read on to find out how YOU can hack Facebook for free, today!

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A New & Innovative Way to Hack Facebook Passwords for Everyone!

Facebook Hacker Pro has been designed from the outset with a single goal in mind; to create a Facebook hacking tool that could be used by anyone, anywhere, to successfully hack Facebook passwords. In fact the entire concept behind Facebook Hacker Pro is simplicity. In order to achieve our goal of creating a Facebook hack so easy that even a child could use a number of innovative features where included in our Facebook hacking software, it turns out that these features where in fact a re-invention of Facebook hacking itself, taking it from the realm of hackers and computer experts and making it available to average, every-day Internet users! Let's take a closer look at what makes Facebook Hacker Pro so unique among Facebook hacks...

  • Easy Facebook Hacking for Everyone!

Let's start with the basics, the first and perhaps most difficult obstacle the development team had to overcome was task of simplifying the Facebook hacking process to such a degree that even a complete novice could use our Facebook hacking tool to hack Facebook profile passwords. We (and our users!)believe we have achieved our goal as Facebook Hacker Pro guides it's user through the entire Facebook hacking process, leaving no technical mumbo jumbo for it's user to deal with. This is a true innovation if you consider the fact that older Facebook password hacks often required a computer science degree to understand and use!

  • Hacking Facebook in Minutes!

As if simplifying Facebook hacking weren't enough of a headache for the development team, we also decided to invest a great deal of effort in making a Facebook hacking tool capable of hacking Facebook account passwords in a timely manner as all Facebook hacks available at the time often required days or in certain cases even weeks to bring in any results for their user. Once more, Facebook Hacker Pro has distinguished itself from the competition as it will take up less than 2 minutes of it's user's time in order to successfully hack a Facebook password!

  • Hack Facebook Passwords for Free!

Last but certainly not least in the list of Facebook hacking innovations that can be attributed to Facebook Hacker Pro is it's price...or rather lack of! We have decided to offer Facebook Hacker Pro for free, enabling anyone, anywhere to download our Facebook hacking software today and hack Facebook passwords for free! This is a limited offer and is part of our campaign to spread awareness about Facebook Hacker Pro and the revolution it has brought about to the world of Facebook hacking. Take advantage of this limited offer to hack Facebook for free by clicking on the download button!


"The best Facebook hacking tool ever, period!" - Testimonials & Feedback From Actual Users!

Bellow you can read a small, random selection of testimonials and feedback actual users of Facebook Hacker Pro have sent to us about their experiences with our free Facebook hacking software. To submit your own, follow the instructions on our “Testimonials” page!


Hack Facebook Account Words are not enough to express my gratitude for your amazing Facebook hacking software. I recently forgot my Facebook password, Facebook was of no help as I had the same password for my email account so recovery was impossible. I decided to give Facebook Hacker Pro and to my surprise it recovered my lost Facebook password in 60 seconds. The best Facebook hacking tool ever, period! - Jack Simmons, New York



How to Hack Facebook PasswordsHi guys, I am sending you this message to share with you my story about Facebook Hacker Pro. I downloaded your Facebook hacking tool more as a joke to prank my husband by hacking his Facebook account for some innocent fun, it was for free anyway! I hacked into his account, which took like a minute or two and to my great dismay found out he was flirting with some ladies he met online... Thank you for helping me open my eyes even though it was more like a side-effect rather than my purpose! - Ellen Carter, Chicago


Free Facebook HackingHands down the best Facebook hacking tool on the Internet! My Facebook account got hacked this week, somebody managed to login and change my password locking me out. After a couple of Google searches I stumbled upon your website and your Facebook hacking software, Facebook Hacker Pro which managed to get back my Facebook password right away! Will recommend you to everyone I know! - Matthew Roberts, Sydney



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Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
1 GHz or faster CPU
128 MB or greater
800x600 screen resolution

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User Rating
user rating
Facebook Hacker Pro is
rated 4.6/5 based on 2738 reviews
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Easy Facebook Hacking

Hacking a Facebook account password has never been easier than now, all thanks to the innovations Facebook Hacker Pro introduced to the world of hacking tools. These include but are not limited to; an exceptionally easy to use interface so as to enable even novice Facebook hackers to successfully hack Facebook passwords as well as incredibly fast Facebook hacking speeds. Less than two minutes are required on average in order to hack a Facebook password with Facebook Hacker Pro.

Hack Facebook For Free

As a visitor of this website you are now faced by a unique opportunity to hack Facebook passwords for free as we are now offering our amazing Facebook hacking software at no cost, enabling anyone regardless of his or her financial means to hack Facebook passwords! This is a limited offer so make sure you take advantage of it just by clicking on the download button!

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